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API RP 2RIM:2019

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API RP 2RIM:2019

Integrity Management of Risers from Floating Production Systems, First Edition

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This recommended practice (RP) provides guidance for the integrity management (IM) of risers connected to a permanent floating production system (FPS) used for the drilling, development, production, and storage of hydrocarbons in offshore areas.
For the purposes of this recommended practice, a riser has a top boundary that is somewhere at or above the point where it transfers load to the platform structure, and it has a lower boundary where it transfers load into a foundation, which could be a wellhead, pipeline, or subsea structure.
The scope of this RP includes:
structural components of the riser;
riser top hang-off assembly (i.e. stress joint, flexible joint, tensioner system/air can, bend stiffener);
appurtenances attached to the riser that are critical to its integrity, including VIV suppression devices and buoyancy modules used to support the riser in any capacity;
corrosion protection systems;
other components in the load path or supporting the riser.
The scope of this RP specifically does not include:
structural support for the riser on the host platform (i.e. riser porch, pull tube, tensioner support structure);
wellhead or subsea structure at the lower end of the riser;
valves (other than the mechanical design if they are in the dynamic load path);
risers connected to mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) or fixed platforms.
Specific recommendations are provided for the inspection, monitoring, evaluation of damage, fitness-for-service assessment, risk reduction, mitigation planning, and decommissioning of risers. This RP incorporates and expands on the integrity management recommendations found in API 2RD, API 17B, and API 17L2.

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Number of pages 72
Year 2019
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