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IEEE 802.15.3f:2017

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IEEE 802.15.3f:2017

IEEE Standard for High Data Rate Wireless Multi-Media Networks Amendment 3: Extending the Physical Layer (PHY) Specification for Millimeter Wave to Operate from 57.0 GHz to 71 GHz

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This standard defines PHY and MAC specifications for high data rate wireless connectivity (typically over 200 Mbps) with fixed, portable, and moving devices. Data rates are high enough to satisfy a set of consumer multimedia industry needs, as well as to support emerging wireless switched point-to-point and high rate close proximity point-to-point applications.
The purpose of this standard is to provide for low complexity, low cost, low power consumption, and high data rate wireless connectivity among devices that support a variety of applications such as a set of consumer multimedia industry needs, wireless switched point-to-point applications in data centers, wireless backhaul/fronthaul intra-device communications, and a wide variety of additional use cases such as rapid large multimedia data downloads and file exchanges between two devices in close proximity, including between mobile devices and stationary devices (kiosks, ticket gates, etc.), and/or wireless data storage devices.
Amendment Standard - Active. Extend the RF channelization of the millimeter wave PHY to allow for use of the spectrum up to 71 GHz.

Author IEEE
Editor IEEE
Document type Norms amendments
Format File
Confirmation date 2017-12-06
ICS 35.110 : Networking
Number of pages 12
Modify IEEE 802.15.3 (2016)
Year 2018
Document history
Country USA
Keyword IEEE 802;IEEE 802.15;802;IEEE 802.15.3f-2017