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Floating Systems Integrity Management, First Edition

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This recommended practice (RP) provides guidance for floating system integrity management (FSIM) of floating production systems (FPSs), which include tension leg platforms (TLPs), used by the petroleum and natural gas industries to support drilling, production, storage, and/or offloading operations. FPSs described in this recommended practice are governed by local regulatory requirements and recognized classification society (RCS) rules (if classed). No specific regulatory compliance or RCS requirements are restated in this RP. The requirements of this RP do not apply to mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) or to mobile offshore units (MOUs) used in support of construction operations. For integrity management (IM) considerations, these units are typically governed by RCS rules. This RP does not address moorings or risers; these are addressed separately by API 2MIM and API 2RIM, respectively. Dynamic positioning is not covered in this RP.
The following types of floating systems are explicitly covered by this RP:
ship-shaped floating systems and barges;
tension leg platforms (TLPs), including tendon systems.
This RP is directly applicable to oil and gas producing floating systems operating at ambient temperature, including floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) plants, except for the aspects related to handling and storage of cryogenic liquids.
The FSIM process provided in this RP is applicable to floating systems installed at any location worldwide. However, the referenced metocean criteria has regional limitations.

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Year 2019
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